The Countertops Baton Rouge Loves 

Are you considering new countertops? Replacing outdated or damaged surfaces can rejuvenate your kitchen, bathroom, or commercial space. It could be exactly what you need to breathe new life into your space. In fact, in the world of remodels, replacing countertops can take less time and resources than other choices. However, its impact can be huge.

STONE Offers All The Countertop Options

Starting at either of our STONE locations in Baton Rouge, our staff will narrow down a selection to match your style and budget. Choosing your perfect countertop starts with the material. Granite, quartz, quartzite, or marble—all of these stones have unique characteristics that speak to different customers. 

Depending on your stone choice, you’ll also pick the color, pattern, or texture that suits your style. You can start by referencing samples of all your options. We also outsource from local stone yards to find slabs that may work better for your space. Every slab on our lot meets our high standards of beauty and quality.

Your Choice of Edge Profiles

In addition to the material, you’ll also have the choice of edge profiles. Choose from standard edges—including bullnose and beveled edges in varying sizes, as well as simple eased corners. Additionally, we can finish our slabs with non-standard edges. These include cove, dupont, waterfall, ogee, and full bullnose. With all these options, there’s an edge to match the style and aesthetics of your space.  

Our Countertop Installation Process

At STONE, we oversee every step of the process to ensure the best quality products and the highest quality work. From taking the exact measurements to working with your interior designers or contractors—we ensure every phase is communicated and done properly. With the proper preparation, a typical kitchen countertop installation can be completed in a day. A whole-house job takes about a day and a half, depending on the project. Additionally, STONE offers a 1-year warranty on our workmanship.

Ready to Talk Countertops? Schedule a Free Consultation!

Explore our materials—all are available for residential or commercial properties. Then, schedule a free consultation appointment. It’s the perfect opportunity to ask questions, see samples, and get advice from our experienced team. After that meeting, we’ll prepare a quote for your project and start talking timelines.

What’s more, we can help you put the whole package together to ensure the backsplashes, tile, and flooring all work together. We can’t wait to give you the perfect surface to complete your space!