Marble Countertops

Marble Countertops

Prized for millennia for its beauty and adaptability, few materials can top the elegance of marble countertops. If you’re considering a home renovation, you owe it to yourself to explore this classic option. Due to this test of time, we know for a fact that marble remains as flawless and beautiful not only for your lifetime but your children’s! This distinct and beautiful material can add a beautiful pop to any room. 

What Exactly is Marble?

You very likely can recognize a marble pattern when you see one, but do you know exactly what it is? Let’s look at its geology. Basically, when limestone encounters high temperatures and lots of pressure, it turns into marble. This metamorphosis from one stone into another classifies marble as a metamorphic rock. During the process, the limestone’s calcite recrystallises and becomes denser. This calcite is a calcium carbonate, which contributes to marble’s “milky” look. 

Choosing Marble Countertops for Your Home

Because its calcium components are soft and porous, marble can be slightly more prone to damage or stains. However, that shouldn’t frighten you from embracing it in your home—even in your kitchen! In fact, marble is an excellent surface for all areas of your kitchen. Today, marble-countertop owners have many fantastic products to seal, maintain, and clean their surfaces. And STONE’s team can help! Depending on your particular situation, we can recommend an easy-to-follow maintenance routine to keep your countertops looking gorgeous. It might take a little more care, but its natural beauty will reward you daily (as will your guests’ compliments). 

Of course, marble’s possibilities extend beyond the kitchen counter. Marble countertops work great in any room, not just the kitchen. It’s an especially attractive choice for bathrooms where it can add elegance and a beautiful visual texture. There, you won’t have to worry about cooking oils and acids at all. Additionally, some customers have used it on walls, flooring, or in accent pieces such as side tables.

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