What is the next step after the estimate phase?

  • Customer to pay deposit.
  • Customer to sign contracts. Sales Person will send all documents via docusign.
  • Schedule Fabricator Measure / Template with Sale Person
  • Project Manager Calls to schedule install within 2 weeks of fab measure depending on turnaround time

When should I schedule a plumber?

Schedule a plumber prior to STONE’s scheduled demo to disconnect all plumbing fixtures and the day after final installation of countertops and tile to reconnect all fixtures.

Do we disconnect water (plumbing) from faucets during demo?

No. STONE does not do any plumbing work. We do not disconnect, install, or reconnect any plumbing fixtures.

Does STONE disconnect my gas cooktop?

No. Then who does? A plumber typically disconnects the gas line and reconnects once install is complete.

Will STONE reconnect stove / faucets / drains?

No, your plumbers will reconnect faucets, gas lines, and drains. Electric stoves to be plugged in by homeowner.

The caulk is White (on stones other than white) will it dry clear?

Yes, it will dry clear.

Is the stone countertop sealed?

All natural stone slabs are sealed once prior to installation. After install, it is solely the homeowner’s responsibility to continue the resealing process. Note, only one coat of sealer is not enough for natural stones. All natural stones are different in the way they react. Reseal with an impregnating sealer – you can reseal as many times as you desire for maximum protection.

Quartz countertops do not need to be sealed.

Use “Clean and Reseal,” product sold at either of our two locations for routine cleaning. This product works in conjunction with the impregnating sealer.

How long will install take?

Demo of 100 sf = 1-1.5 hour

Install of 100 sf = 2-3 hours

Custom Shower – Small = 3 days [ day 1 – prep / begin tile, day 2 finish tile, day 3 grout]

Backsplash of 50 sf = 5 hours [grouted same day]

All times are approximate depending on job size and complexity.

Can I give the installers final payment?


What if I cannot understand the installers?

Contact the Project Manager whom scheduled installation for all questions or concerns.

Project Manager – 225-421-5469

How often should I seal my countertops?

STONE recommends sealing at a minimum of once a year.

When can I schedule backsplash installation?

STONE will schedule backsplash installation within 48 hours of countertop installation.

Where will the seams be placed?

It is STONE’s goal to seam at the least noticeable places – center of sink or at cooktop. If layout does not allow due to size of slab or cabinet runs, then STONE will seam where appropriate for most accurate vein alignment.

What needs to be at STONE vs at the job site?

At STONE: undermounted sinks only.

At Jobsite: Farm / Apron Front Sinks and Drop-In Sinks, cooktops or ranges, outdoor grills, burners, green eggs, or any other appliance that effects countertop installation. For new builds, please coordinate with your contractor for delivery of these items prior to install.


Standard 8’’ spread or single hole faucets do not need to be onsite.

Bridge or tub deck mounted faucets need to be on the job site. Homeowner or project manager in charge of installation will be asked to advise on hole placement.

Is grout sealed?

No. Unless you use a stain blocker in the grout or apply an after-install sealer. We are happy to seal your grout for an additional charge for materials and labor.