Fun Facts About Marble Countertops In Your Baton Rouge Home

Fun Facts About Marble Countertops In Your Baton Rouge Home

Posted on: February 26th, 2020

We love marble here at STONE. Its flexibility makes it an exciting material for our design team to customize—not to mention its beautiful veins and patterns! With so much to work with, you will get exactly what you want when you choose marble countertops from our Baton Rouge company. But marble is more than a great home design element. It’s a complicated stone that has a ton of different uses and interesting facts, too. 

Start From The Beginning

Did you know that when you install marble countertops in your Baton Rouge home, you’re installing some of the oldest pieces of the Earth? Marble takes hundreds of years to form. You can only find it by digging deep into the Earth’s crust! It actually starts as limestone or dolomite and then it heats up to become harder and denser and morph into vibrant stones.

Travel Across The World

What results is so beautiful and coveted—some of the world’s most exciting landmarks are made of marble stone. 

  • One famous wonder that often comes to mind is the Taj Mahal, made of Makrana marble. This marble is only mined in the town of Makrana in Rajasthan, India. The original limestones metamorphosed about 1,450 MILLION years ago, forming the sparkling white marble used to build the Taj Mahal. 
  • Travel back to the states for the stunning New York Public Library made of 530,000 cubic feet of marble. Standing on the outside, you see 12-inch-thick Vermont marble. The Library Lions—commonly known as Patience and Fortitude—were sculpted by Edward C. Potter from pink Tennessee marble. Enter the library and stand upon its magnificent marble flooring. When it opened in 1911, all employees wore rubber-soled shoes to preserve the marble’s glory. 
  • Take an adventure to Patagonia, Chile to find the most beautiful natural marble. These Marble Caves, known as Cuevas de Mármol, located between Chile and Argentina are only accessible by boat. For more than 6,000 years, the lake currents etched and carved the beautiful marble island. Yes, it’s completely made of marble. It’s so pure it reflects the clear waters around it. The best season for visiting the Marble Caves is from September to February when melting ice feeds the water beautiful turquoise hues. 

Use It Everyday

Marble is a useful material for more than buildings and interior design. When ground into a fine powder it’s used in paints, plastics, and toothpaste. It’s also an ingredient in Tums and Alka Seltzer because it neutralizes acids.

Enjoy The Aesthetic

At STONE, we want to share the full beauty of our marble countertops in Baton Rouge with everyone! We are extra excited to share our beautiful stone patterns with you as phone wallpapers! Click on our marble images to open in a new tab. From there you can save the image to your phone.


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Make Marble Part Of Your Home

In the home, marble’s elegance is priceless. When you’re redoing your countertops or building a new home, you’ll definitely want to explore new marble countertops for your Baton Rouge home. After all, now you know all the fun facts, too! You can contact us for any countertop inquiries or stop by either of our locations to peruse our inventory.

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