How to Choose Natural Stone for Your Baton Rouge Home

How to Choose Natural Stone for Your Baton Rouge Home

Posted on: October 26th, 2021

If you’re wanting to know how to choose natural stone slabs for your kitchen countertops, stone for the bathroom walls, or outdoor patio, it may seem a bit overwhelming considering all the stone options available. There are a lot of factors to consider before making a decision about which natural stone works best for you. 

  • What’s your budget? 
  • How will you be using the stone?
  • And most importantly, what’s your style?

When selecting stone countertops for a new kitchen, such as granite or marble, or stone flooring for your outdoor patio, you’ll have to consider not only the aesthetic you’re looking for in the space but also how much wear and tear the stone will handle. Let’s go into these categories a bit further and help you narrow down the perfect material for your home remodel or stone install! 

How to Choose Natural Stone Slabs for Countertops and Tiling

  • Don’t go over budget

      • Natural Stone pricing varies just like any other material used when building a home. There are high prices and low prices and, naturally, the higher priced stone tends to look better than the rest. You need to keep in mind that you can find cheaper options that can make the room you want to decorate better than the expensive option. When on a budget, consider going with a cheaper natural stone for larger spaces. In a smaller space or backsplash, splurge on a higher priced stone.
      • Read more on how you can Affordably add marble stone into your design with STONE here.
  • Consider the Maintenance for Different Stones

      • Maintaining natural stone may require simply wet wiping with a damp cloth. Different natural stones have different textures and colors, so they need different methods of cleaning and maintenance like mild detergent or special stone soap.
  • Color Brings an Impact

      • Everyone has their own style for their home. A fantastic way to bring out your inner creativity in nearly every room of your home is with color! STONE has all the color options you can imagine that will add drama, spark creativity and fun or keep a space extra bright! Contact us here and we’ll help find the right stone with the right color. 

stone pattern in backsplash

  • DIY-ing Stone is off the table. 

      • It is extremely difficult to cut and handle stone slabs. Plus measurements must be precise.  While strong, they can also be fragile and break easily when mishandled. Save time and headaches and let a professional complete this project for you. 

How STONE Helps You Choose Natural Stone

If you’re looking to update your home with granite, marble, or quartzite, enlist the experts at STONE to assist you with the dozens of decisions you’ll have to make. At STONE, we believe the process should be enjoyed from start to finish, not dreaded. We’ll walk you through every step of interior design, help you process your choices to make the best decisions for your house, taste, and lifestyle.

We offer in-depth consulting to all clients. Services include product selection, furniture placement, and assisting with home finishes. Let us know how we can help you in the process here:

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