How To (Affordably) Buy Marble In Baton Rouge

How To (Affordably) Buy Marble In Baton Rouge

Posted on: June 10th, 2019

Few materials have the elegance and presence of marble—and it can be more affordable than you think! At Stone and Cloth, you can buy marble in Baton Rouge and create your dream home interior—all within your budget! Whether you have a new build or a remodel, you owe it to yourself to explore this gorgeous stone.

Why We Love Marble

Imagine coming home and being surrounded by natural beauty. Marble creates a luxurious but welcoming environment, whether you’re hosting a swanky party or having a solo glass of wine after a long day. It’s a natural stone, meaning its elegance is created entirely by Mother Nature. Ready to bring it into your home? Bathroom and kitchen countertops are a great place to start. It’s a bit porous, so it takes a little more care. But you’ll reap its rewards and compliments.

Bring Marble Into Your Home

You might be surprised at marble’s attainability. It’s not just for show homes and millionaires. Just like our design team at Stone and Cloth works with each client’s unique taste and style, we work with each client’s budget as well. Some of our cost-effective strategies include thinner slabs and taking advantage of remnants. A sleek, trimmed-down counter still delivers the strength and look you’re going for.

We work closely with suppliers to get you the best price. Additionally, our installation team is always looking out for our customers when installing countertops. Stone slabs are priced per square foot, so using each cut efficiently keeps the look consistent and gets the most bang for your buck!

Match The Marble Look

Love the marble look but still find it out-of-budget? We do our homework to give you options to replicate the look. For example, quartz is often an excellent choice for homeowners. A man-made stone, it sometimes can be more cost-effective but can offer the same look and luxury. It’s also more stain-resistant—making it a perfect choice for kitchens.

Whether we’re working with a contractor or directly with a homeowner, we do our very best to deliver the desired look within the allowance. Still dreaming of marble, but maybe on a smaller scale? We can also fabricate steel-frame tables of any shape or size, topped with the marble of your choosing.

Stone, Cloth, and Marble

Stop by and visit one of our locations—on Lobdell Avenue and Airline Highway—or start the conversation online. We think you’ll find we’re more affordable than other competitors. What’s more, in addition to all of our cost-saving strategies, we offer price-matching on our materials. We’re dedicated to our customers and to making their Baton Rouge homes even more beautiful!

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