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A Quartzite Waterfall in Baton Rouge

Louisiana is not a state known for hills, mountains, or cliffs. In fact, National Geographic reported it’s one of the top five flattest states in the country! This geography has much to do with being part of the Mississippi River Delta. And while we have plenty of bodies of water, this flatness means that there’s […]

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3 Reasons To Get Quartzite Countertops in Baton Rouge

Watching one hour of the HGTV channel is going to give you dozens—if not hundreds—of home decor and renovation ideas. From a crazy fun treehouse in the backyard to a complete overhaul of the front deck to increase curb appeal. But it seems that once you go inside, countertops are almost always the first topic […]

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Marble, Granite, and Quartzite – Shane Griffin Tells a Tale of Three Homes

Marble, granite, and quartzite are beautiful natural stones, frequently used in well designed and appointed homes and businesses.

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