Stone Countertop Installation Baton Rouge

Stone Countertop Installation Baton Rouge

Posted on: January 3rd, 2022

Have you been dreaming of that perfect, picturesque kitchen that you wish you could have? You see images online, in magazines or on Instagram and wish that you, too, could have a kitchen designed just like that.

We can relate. Recently the owner and founder of STONE, Kris Klar and his family had the same thoughts and decided their kitchen was in need of an upgrade. We followed along with the renovations from demo to installation to see how easy the process was and learned some helpful tips along the way. We hope this shows how easy our stone countertop installation process really is. 

Here’s how the project began. 

One of the first steps when beginning any renovation project is Planning. It is good to plan ahead to know that your project will come out just the way you want it! When you work with STONE, you can rest assured that we have plan A and a back up plan just in case. From measurements, to picking out and cutting the slab, to installation day, we have a well thought out plan from start to finish. 

stone countertop installation baton rouge

Demo Day!

Demo only took one day. The installers came back the following day to install the stone. For this renovation Kris and his wife chose Vancouver Quartzite. You can say it was love at first sight when they saw this slab. 

Vancouver is a quartzite quarried from a bedrock quarry in Brazil. It resembles marble in appearance but is much harder and far more durable. It’s perfect for kitchen countertops without having the scratching and etching issues experienced with marble. They loved the creamy grey background with grey and taupe veining. As a natural stone product, it is recommended that this be sealed to extend its longevity.

At STONE, our extensive selection of countertop materials includes stunning natural stones like granite, marble, quartzite and soapstone, as well as durable quartz and compact surface options. We offer materials from the top manufacturers in the country with an extensive color selection and numerous edge profiles to choose from to add stunning detail. 

You can view our entire portfolio of countertop brands, materials, colors and finishes to find the perfect match for your home here.

Stone Countertop Installation – Leave it to the Pros

Install day is always a good day however if you’re not prepared, a lot can go wrong and end up costing you thousands of dollars. That’s why it’s important to let the professionals handle the job. Installing stone countertops, floors and backsplash is not a DIY project. It’s your job to sit back and relax and let the professionals do what they do best. 

On the day of your installation, it’s important to clear pathways and entryways for our team to carefully enter your home with your new, gorgeous material. This install was a bit tricky because the cabinets have a 45 degree angle that had to tie directly into the mitered waterfall edge.  It took some creative engineering but worked out perfectly. Exactly what Kris and his wife envisioned. 

From STONE to home! 

Once the homeowners added the rug and some barstools, you can see, it’s a totally new space! The cool grey stone perfectly balances the warm wood floor. The veins in the backsplash add some drama and impact to the space. Plus the double-sided waterfall kitchen island modernizes the entire room!

stone countertop installation baton rouge

No matter what you have been envisioning that you would want in your dream kitchen, the professionals at STONE can turn it into a reality. They will help you know what is possible for the space and provide you with all the options to find the perfect stone. 

For more information or to chat about your next home design you have in mind, contact us today:

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