A Quartzite Waterfall in Baton Rouge

A Quartzite Waterfall in Baton Rouge

Posted on: November 19th, 2018

Louisiana is not a state known for hills, mountains, or cliffs. In fact, National Geographic reported it’s one of the top five flattest states in the country! This geography has much to do with being part of the Mississippi River Delta. And while we have plenty of bodies of water, this flatness means that there’s little chance of waterfalls. That is, until Stone and Cloth made waves with a waterfall of quartzite in a Baton Rouge home.

Waterfalls … In Your Kitchen

A Quartzite Waterfall in Baton Rouge, quartzite baton rougeHow would you like a waterfall in your kitchen? No, we don’t mean one of water, trickling over stones and into a scenic pond (though honestly, that sounds amazing). The waterfalls we’re talking about are made of stone. In terms of home design, a waterfall countertop extends the stone top of a kitchen island down its side. Typically, two slabs join together to make a 90-degree edge on an island or counter. It gives the illusion of stone pouring (or falling) over the side. It’s a wonderful way to showcase natural stone. The sides will never be covered up by dishware or a slow-cooker like the countertops will!  

Why Quartzite?  

Waterfalls are made from almost any type of countertop material. Skilled installers craft granite, marble, quartz, and even concrete into these indoor waterfalls. Quartzite is growing in popularity among Louisiana homeowners. One reason: it’s gorgeous. A variety of minerals create marble-like patterns. Another reason could be its durability—it’s even harder than granite! It’s also easily maintained and can complement a variety of kitchen aesthetics.  

A Show-Stopping Kitchen

At Stone and Cloth, we’re privileged to work with some amazing clients. Including these homeowners in the University Club Plantation neighborhood in south Baton Rouge. Our talented team assisted in the design of this home. We helped to select and place the tiles (check out the herringbone backsplash!) and paint colors. With dark wood floors—and some stunning views—this kitchen was already showcase-worthy.

A Baton Rouge Waterfall

quartzite waterfall baton rouge

To complement the white-and-gray palate, we chose a white macaubas quartzite. These slabs are a crisp white with near-parallel streaks of grays. The striped effect runs the lengths of the countertops and island. The beauty of the slab was enough to elevate the sophistication of the kitchen’s vibe. Waterfalling on the island transforms the subtle pattern into a show-stopping focal point.

Stone and Cloth in Baton Rouge

Falling in love with waterfalls like we are? Our experienced, talented team can answer questions and guide you through the process. Contact us online or visit one of our two locations.  You can find us on Lobdell Avenue between Jefferson Highway and Goodwood Boulevard. On Airline Highway, we’re just a half a mile from Sherwood Forest Boulevard. We can’t wait to give you the kitchen—or bathroom—countertops of your dreams.

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