Why Choose STONE Countertops for Your Outdoor Kitchen?

Why Choose STONE Countertops for Your Outdoor Kitchen?

Posted on: July 8th, 2024

As the summer heat continues to climb in Baton Rouge, many of us are eager to spend more time cooling off in our pools and cooking up delicious meals in our outdoor kitchens. Whether you’re one to plan a party with friends or enjoy a quiet family dinner, maximizing your outdoor space is a top priority. Consider enhancing your outdoor kitchen with stone countertops – an excellent investment that not only provides practicality and durability but also creates an elevated aesthetic for your outdoor entertaining area.  

Benefits of Stone Countertops for Outdoor Kitchens / Spaces 

When entertaining, you want a reliable surface for all the fun and mess that comes with a summer party or backyard BBQ. STONE has the perfect solution.  Known for their exceptional beauty as well as their incredible durability, here’s what makes stone countertops the ideal choice for Baton Rouge homeowners: 


Stone countertops like Granite, Dekton, Marble, and Quartzite are exceptionally durable. This means they are strong enough to withstand all the Louisiana outdoor elements, from heavy rain to intense heat, without losing their structural integrity or aesthetic appeal. 


Because of their durability, stone countertops offer excellent longevity and will not only look beautiful but also perform well for years to come. So, investing in quality stone countertops is a great choice to enhance your quality of life and the overall value of your home.  

Low Maintenance: 

No one wants to spend more time cleaning than necessary, especially not outside. Stone countertops are typically easy to maintain, requiring a simple care routine to keep them looking pristine. 

Heat Resistance: 

Stone is naturally resistant to heat and scratches, making it perfect for outdoor use where it will be exposed to varying weather conditions as well as regular wear and tear. 

Stain Resistance: 

When properly sealed, many stone countertops are resistant to stains. This is extremely beneficial during outdoor gatherings when spills are inevitable. Whether you’ve splashed a cocktail or spilled a bowl of sauce, you can trust that your countertops won’t display the memory forever.     

Aesthetic Appeal: 

Stone countertops are simply beautiful, and their timeless elegance adds just the right touch of sophistication to any backyard space. With a variety of colors, patterns, and textures, you can choose one that complements your design vision. 


Stone countertops are versatile and can be customized to fit a variety of outdoor kitchen layouts and designs. Whether you prefer a chic modern look or more of a rustic charm, STONE BR will provide a stone countertop option that suits your unique style. 

Stone Countertops Available at STONE

As a locally owned small business, we understand that our Baton Rouge homeowners and contractors value quality and aesthetics. Whether you visit STONE at our Jefferson or Airline location, our staff will curate a selection to match your style and budget. 

Choosing your perfect countertop starts with the material. At STONE, we offer an extensive selection of premium stone countertop options, including granite, marble, dekton quartz, and quartzite: 

Granite Countertops: 

Granite countertops are arguably the most popular choice for Baton Rouge homeowners when building or remodeling—and there’s no need to wonder why. Its durability, versatility, and style have contributed to its stellar reputation. With natural stone finishing and earthy tones, consider using granite countertops to add warmth and character to your outdoor kitchen. 

Marble Countertops: 

Marble’s smooth surface and luxurious veining patterns provide a striking addition to any home. With its beauty and exceptional durability, marble countertops are a classic option that you won’t regret investing in. Admired for millennia across the world, we know that marble will remain flawless throughout your lifetime and beyond. 

Dekton Countertops:

A blend of raw materials and minerals, including porcelain, glass, and quartz, Dekton is a popular choice for outdoor kitchens due to its non-porous qualities, stain resistance, heat resistance, and scratch resistance. If your outdoor kitchen is in direct sunlight, Dekton is definitely our recommendation. Available in over 40 shades and finishes, STONE offers a wide variety of Dekton countertops. 

Quartz Countertops: 

Though man-made, quartz countertops still lend a sense of natural beauty. It features the beauty and look of indigenous stone, but with even less maintenance and upkeep. When you choose quartz, you’re combining marble’s aesthetics with granite’s durability.

Quartzite Countertops: 

Quartzite is a metamorphic rock created underground with pressure and heat, resulting in a natural stone that’s even harder than granite. Similar to granite countertops, quartzite countertops are extremely durable and highly resistant to heat. This makes it an excellent choice for homeowners looking for high-performance countertops that can withstand the demands of outdoor living in Baton Rouge. 

Next Steps with STONE’s Services 

At STONE, we believe that the key to your satisfaction with your home updates lies in the quality of the work. That’s why we oversee every step of the process, from fabrication to installation.

Once you’ve selected your countertop, our expert project managers take charge of your design with our comprehensive fabrication process. From precise cutting to meticulous stone polishing, our team will bring your vision to life. 

Whether you’re remodeling an outdated outdoor kitchen or designing a brand-new backyard paradise, our dedicated team of highly skilled professionals, including granite countertop installers, will ensure a seamless installation. 

Ready to Schedule a Free Consult?

When it comes to choosing the right countertops for an outdoor kitchen, we are passionate about creating an unparalleled experience for you. 

Schedule a free consultation appointment with us. It’s the perfect opportunity to ask questions, see samples, and get advice from our experienced team. Once we meet, we’ll prepare a quote for your project and start talking about timelines.

We can even help you put the whole package together to make sure the backsplashes, tile, and flooring all work together. We can’t wait to give you the perfect countertop to complete your outdoor space!

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