Stone and Cloth: The Best Countertops Company in Baton Rouge

Stone and Cloth: The Best Countertops Company in Baton Rouge

Posted on: August 21st, 2019

Whether you are an avid host, a busy parent, a decadent chef, or into a little bit of everything— the heart of your home is the kitchen. And your countertops keep that heart beating. After all, not only do your countertops impact the look and feel of your kitchen, they also play an important roll in your lifestyle. But at the end of the day, the right material makes the world go round. How can you decide what stone is the best for you? With the experience of the best countertops company in Baton Rouge, Stone and Cloth is here to help!

Quartz: The Spotless Stone

If you are the entertaining type, quartz may be just the right stone for you! It’s modern beauty not only amazes your guests but also prevents accidental scratches or stains. Since this stone is the least likely to absorb liquid or trap bacteria, it’s very easy to clean and therefore hygienic. All in all, quartz is the best at protecting your countertops from various holiday get-togethers and even kid birthday parties. 

As one of the best countertops company in Baton Rouge, we believe your desired functionality shouldn’t limit your creative options. That’s why we have 11 different featured Quartz Lines for you to choose from. In fact, every quartz countertop is a combination of resin and ground quartz, so you have several design options. 

Quartzite: The Sturdy Stone

Quartzite is an all-natural stone made from metamorphic rock. It tends to have an earthy color palette, which can perfectly emphasize the look and feel of any kitchen. Regular sealings preserve its shining charm!

What makes Quartzite even better? It’s great for homes with large families. This is because out of all stone countertops, it ranks highest in durability and the most chip resistant. So breathe easy knowing your excitable children will especially love spending time in the new kitchen!

Marble and Granite: The Timeless Stones

Choosing between marble and granite countertops is often a difficult task due to a few characteristics they have in common. For example, both stones present great options for the enthusiastic home chef or baker because they excellently resist heat absorption. Both of these stone countertops preserve cool temperatures as well as increase the heat in your stoves and ovens. And as far as design, they each come in a variety of colors and designs.

Granite is great if you prefer a highly functional kitchen countertop. It is an exceptional choice for kitchens receiving high amounts of sunlight because it maintains its color the best. Also, consider your cooking style when you’re thinking about granite. If your countertops tend to endure an excessive amount of cuts and scratches while you cook, a graphite countertop leaves little to no evidence.

On the other hand, marble is the most flexible stone, making it long-lasting as well as customizable. Choose between a round or soft-edged countertop or even consider adding personal touches to your kitchen with custom etched designs. Marble countertops present endless design possibilities! The sky is truly the limit.

Bring Your Project To Stone and Cloth

You deserve to have your kitchen designed by the best countertops company in Baton Rouge! So do yourself a favor and contact Stone and Cloth today. We’re eager to discuss your ideas and aspirations for your upcoming project. Reach us online or at either of our locations on Lobdell Avenue and Airline Highway. Let’s go over all your options and help you decide what the best option really is for you or your family. 

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