Premier Flooring And Marble Company In Baton Rouge

Premier Flooring And Marble Company In Baton Rouge

Posted on: May 11th, 2020

Whether you’re redesigning your home or building a brand new one, you only want the highest quality materials in your home. But it can be challenging to know exactly what features should go in what room to create the best look. After all, you want every room in your perfectly-styled home to have a strong foundation. Since 2009 we have been your go-to flooring company for homes in Baton Rouge. Whether you’re building, buying, or updating a home, the team at STONE is here to help you create exciting floors that add value to your home! 

Tile flooring is an exciting way to let your personality shine in your home. Traditionally, homeowners prefer to use tile flooring in the kitchen or bathroom. But there’s so much more that tile floors have to offer your home, especially with marble. 

Marble-lous Tile Options

Every kind of stone has unique characteristics. Marble is often used for beautiful sculptures because of its malleability and durability. And though quite stunning in beauty, it’s also the most porous of the stones, making it the most susceptible to stains—when left untreated. When properly applied, sealant protects from stains and scratches very well. As you can see, well-protected marble is an exciting option for special rooms in your home!

Also, did you know this stone can come in a variety of colors? Marble can come in shades of black, grey, tan, blue, and green! No matter your style, you can find the perfect marble slab to match.

As a leading marble company in Baton Rouge, we do our best to help you choose the perfect rooms for your tile floors. Of course, like any floor, you want to protect marble slabs from scratches as best you can. Also, you don’t want to use marble slabs in the dining room—frequent chair use and annoying dinner time spills can damage any floor over time. 

Do use marble floors in decorative, open-concept rooms! Marble is often used as kitchen countertops because it’s incredibly heat-resistant—a property that makes it great for flooring in rooms with natural light. Whether in your living room, bedroom, or sunroom, you’ll be able to relax and soak in the vitamin D without the heat!

The Carpet Comeback

Not sure if you should incorporate carpet into your designs? Carpet flooring can be so much more than it seems! Like many other trends in 2020, designers are using carpet to express bold and innovative styles for homes. With classy style and clean looks, you can choose carpets with geometric or natural patterns or vivid colors with variations.

You Wood Never Go Wrong

When it comes to your wood flooring needs, STONE has you covered! We have a broad selection of high-quality wood floors so we can perfectly match your vision. It’s the final flooring detail to bring it all together.

Starting From The Ground Up

Whether you’re remodeling your home or starting from scratch, you have a great variety of flooring options! Let your local experts at STONE help create the perfect flooring designs. Once we sort through all the details and decide on your new floor, our team will come and install it! Feel free to contact us to tell us about your upcoming flooring project. We’re ready to help.

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