Finding the Flooring That Best Fits Your Space

Finding the Flooring That Best Fits Your Space

Posted on: February 3rd, 2021

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning for a new home or renovating, the flooring you choose can make all the difference. And, when you’re looking for the top selection in the city, STONE has you covered. We offer a variety of different types of flooring to give you the look you’ve been dreaming of. Additionally, we provide options from trusted brands such as Mohawk, Shaw Floors, Armstrong, Bruce, Mannington, Prestige, and BPI flooring in Baton Rouge. Learn more about the kinds of flooring we offer to find the one that’s perfect for your space.

A Style for Every Space

You want flooring that enhances your home’s look. And STONE can help you do that with our excellent selection. But first, try to picture the following flooring options in your home to find your ideal match. Each brings its own benefits, and it comes down to finding the one that suits your needs—and style—the best.

Wood Flooring

Give your home’s flooring a classic look that stays stylish no matter what. We offer solid wood BPI flooring that elevates any space. So you can have the strength and durability of solid wood installed in your space by trusted flooring experts.

Tile Flooring

Tile gives you so many options when it comes to the look of your flooring. The texture, color, and arrangement can open up so many possibilities. And the cool surface can help you beat the heat during Louisiana’s notorious summers.


On the other hand, carpet can provide a softer, warmer option that’s inviting, especially in cooler homes. And there are several colors and textures to choose from to get the look you want. And, if you’d like to add some softness to your flooring without going carpet exclusive, we offer custom rugs. So you can choose a carpet you like and have it cut the way you want for a gorgeous addition to hard flooring.


When you want a material that’s versatile, durable, and cost-effective, vinyl flooring ticks all the boxes. There are so many excellent styles to choose from, and you can see some samples for yourself at our Lobdell location. In addition, vinyl flooring is waterproof. So it’s an excellent option for spaces like bathrooms and kitchens.


Laminate is a great choice when you want the look of wood flooring at a price that’s more affordable. And there are so many textures, patterns, and colors to choose from! Plus, laminate flooring is water-resistant, so there’s less to worry about with the occasional spill.


It doesn’t get much sturdier and more durable than brick flooring. This option brings so much character to a living space. And, that’s especially true with old and reclaimed brick options—it’s like having a piece of history in your home. And, if you want something other than the exposed brick appearance, we can even help you paint it to get the exact color you want!

Looking for Options from Mohawk, Armstrong, Prestige, Shaw, Mannington, and BPI Flooring in Baton Rouge? Let Us Help You Take Your Flooring to the Next Level

When you want the best flooring options in Baton Rouge, STONE is ready to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Browse the impressive flooring selections at our Lobdell and Airline Highway locations to find a choice you’ll love. Also, give us a call at 225-663-6845 (Lobdell) or 225-293-2225 (Airline) so we can answer any questions you may have. Let us provide you with flooring you and your visitors will love!

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