Brick Flooring

Brick Flooring

STONE offers residential and commercial brick flooring and brick for interior and exterior walls and floors. Through our sister company, Cocreham Brick and Stone, our clients have access to tons of quality new and reclaimed brick options.

Split Brick Flooring

Technically, brick flooring is made from split brick. These are thinner than your typical building bricks, which make them easier to maneuver and install. In fact, the installation process is similar to laying down pavers or tiles. We can lay them in different patterns to create beautiful variances or emphasize entryways. You can install split brick flooring in both new brick and old, reclaimed brick. Additionally, if you don’t prefer the exposed brick look, we can even help paint it.

Old And Reclaimed Brick

Sustainable, reclaimed, vintage—whatever you want to call it, using old brick can add some gravitas and character to your residential or commercial space. Reclaimed bricks are often handcrafted—also known as tumbled—which gives them a variety of color and texture.

We source our old brick manufacturers who get their stock from a variety of sources. Therefore, availability can vary, but we offer many styles and colors. Our options include two of the most popular: Old Chicago and Old St. Louis.

outdoor Brick fireplace
Brick Floor

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Are you thinking about brick? Come by our showroom on Jefferson Highway in the Coterie Exchange. We have a whole space dedicated to brick, and more of our stock and samples are at our Airline location. Also, be sure to check out our Instagram account to see more examples of our brick flooring work.