STONE’s Bathroom Renovation Checklist

STONE’s Bathroom Renovation Checklist

Posted on: August 31st, 2023

Thinking of giving your hall or primary bathroom a fresh look this fall? A bathroom renovation is an adventure, for sure, with unforeseen twists and turns along the way. But don’t worry, the team at STONE has your back. One thing we always suggest is creating a checklist for the project. It’s like your project’s compass, guiding you to renovation success.

Here’s a handy guide from STONE to help you get started. Check it out:

Do Some Research 

Before diving into your project, let’s begin by doing some research. First off, ask yourself a key question: Is this something you can tackle yourself, or is it time to call in the pros? Most likely, you’ll need to give us a call

If you’re all set to DIY, your adventure kicks off with some good ol’ research. There’s a treasure trove of knowledge waiting for you on YouTube – think videos that guide you through every step. It’s like having a DIY mentor right at your fingertips.

But hey, sometimes it’s smart to bring in a seasoned pro. Do not hesitate to give us a call, text, or email and discuss your renovation project with us. 

Collect Your Ideas and Find Inspiration

You’ve done your research now, and are ready to start imagining and visualizing your dream space. Think about what you love, your personal style, and how you envision what the final reveal will look like. In the beginning, it’s all about generating fresh and exciting ideas to kick off your bathroom renovation.

Remember, finding inspiration is the fun part. Flip through magazines, explore online platforms, scroll through social media for inspiring accounts to follow, and save your inspiration by curating Pinterest boards. Let your creativity run wild as you shape the space you’ve always wanted to call home.

Once you’ve got your creative juices flowing, you can start building a solid concept. This concept becomes the backbone that guides everything – from picking materials to budgeting and even setting timelines.

Having a visual roadmap can be a huge help for the professionals who will bring your vision to life. This is where STONE comes in… Having a clear blueprint of your renovation goals helps set the stage for the exciting journey ahead. 

Unsure about where to even start? Our in-house design team is available to help guide you through each phase starting from the beginning!

Establish and Layout a Budget

Now that you’ve done your research and have come up with an idea of what you want, let’s chat about money matters. Having a budget in place isn’t just about numbers – it’s your ticket to making smart choices and seeing all the awesome possibilities.

Here’s a friendly tip: When setting your budget, aim for less than your top limit. Why? Well, it’s like giving yourself a little breathing room. Life throws curveballs sometimes, and this way, you’ve got some flexibility to handle the unexpected without breaking the bank.

This budget-smart move keeps your renovation adventure on track. It’s all about being ready for whatever comes your way and making sure every step is a success!

Pick and Choose

Before you even think of picking up that hammer or hiring a contractor, let’s dive into some important questions. Are you in this renovation for the long haul, or are you aiming for a quick makeover? Decide the scope of your project now. Total renovation or just cosmetic changes? What does your budget allow? 

Once you have clarity on that, it’s time for your bathroom remodel to start to bloom and decide on design and materials. Think about paint colors, tile choices, and countertops that fit your design point of view. 

And here’s a secret: pinpoint the key spots that’ll get a revamp. Do you want to swap out the tub and sink for a fresh, new vibe? Remove the dated countertops for something modern and sleek? Maybe the wallpaper should complement the lighting fixtures? As always, the experts at STONE are available to help guide you through all the decisions that need to be made. 

Shop Materials for the Job

Alright, you’ve got your design sorted, chosen the cool stuff you want, figured out if you need a pro, and set your budget. Now, let’s dive into the fun part – shopping for materials! We have one name in mind and two locations to serve you. Shop with us at our locations on Jefferson at Bocage and off Airline near Siegen. The STONE location on Airline Highway is where you can view all of our stone materials—including our granite, quartz, marble, and quartzite —and even pick out the exact slab for your project. We individually select our slabs and import them internationally to ensure you have the finest selection possible.

Ready to turn those plans into reality? Let’s go get those materials and make things happen!

Have an Overall Design Ready and Possible Permits

You’re almost there! Before you kick off your renovation, there’s one last thing to check off – permits. Think of them as your project’s permission slips. Sometimes, unexpected twists might pop up, needing some extra paperwork.

This is why working with a professional at STONE is key to the success of your renovation and fewer delays. 

Ready to rock your renovation with all the boxes checked? Let’s finish strong!

Bathroom renovations? They can be a breeze or a bit of a challenge – it’s all about your approach. So, before you jump into a new project, remember these tips: plan it out, do your homework, brace for surprises, stay open to changes, and make sure you’ve got the green light to go.

And guess what? At STONE, we’re all about turning your bathroom dreams into reality. Whether it’s stunning countertops, stylish tiles, cool wallpapers, or fabulous flooring, we’ve got a whole array of options for your dream bathroom.

Let’s make your home a reflection of you. Check out our website to learn more about STONE and how we can make your bathroom dreams come true.


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