Your Baton Rouge Commercial Granite Countertop Company

Your Baton Rouge Commercial Granite Countertop Company

Posted on: April 1st, 2021

Are you a business owner looking to ramp up your interior (or exterior) space? Look no further than STONE. We are your trusted Baton Rouge commercial granite counter company. Replacing outdated or damaged countertops can be just the thing you need to revive your commercial space. In comparison to other hefty remodeling options, a countertop replacement can take less time and resources—while still having a huge impact. 

Granite is one of the most popular choices for countertops. And there are many reasons why! Here are some of the primary reasons business owners have trusted granite countertops for years. 

Sustainable and Sophisticated

One of the main reasons homeowners and business owners choose granite countertops is for their durability. It’s tough, and can handle the traffic of a small or large business. Granite is made of quartz, mica, and feldspar. And it’s rated between a six and seven on the Mohs Scale of Hardness. A diamond is a 10 on the scale for reference. This means that your granite countertops will last for years to come—no matter how many hot pots, pans, curling irons, or spills it endures. 

Besides its durability, granite is incomparable in terms of style and design. Just like our thumbprints, natural granite slabs are unique and no two slabs are the same. No matter your style, there is a granite slab that will meet and exceed your expectations. Do you like a subtle-yet-sophisticated look with less dramatic veining? There is a slab for that. Or maybe you like the rich, vibrant earthy shades of greens, blues, yellows, and reds. There is a slab for that, too! You can browse our stone wall with natural stone samples at our Lobdell location. Or, see our inventory of full granite counter slabs at our Airline location.


We get it. Remodeling an entire commercial space can scare many business owners into not pursuing a quote. We’re here to assure you that a granite countertop remodel in the Baton Rouge area is more reasonable than you might expect! Not only will your granite countertops last a lifetime. But they are competitively priced with quartz (and even sometimes more affordable than engineered stone). 

Our dedicated team will work diligently with you to find the granite counter that matches your style and budget. We also offer installation services. So you can rest assured that your remodel is handled from consultation to installation by a trusted granite counter company.  

Looking for a Granite Counter Company in Baton Rouge?

Now is the perfect time to tackle that granite countertop renovation that you’ve been meaning to address. And with STONE as your trusted granite counter company in Baton Rouge, the process will be painless from start to finish. Interested in partnering with us? Fill out our contact form to schedule a free consultation or call one of our locations if you have questions. You can also follow our Instagram account for beautiful commercial granite countertops projects such as this! We are a locally owned and operated business and are passionate about helping YOU transform your vision into a reality.

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