Understanding 6 Popular Edge Profiles for Kitchen Countertops

Understanding 6 Popular Edge Profiles for Kitchen Countertops

Posted on: February 1st, 2022

Types of Countertop Edge Profiles

After choosing your stone for your new kitchen countertops whether it is granite, quartz, marble, quartzite, there’s one last decision you’ll need to make before installation day. 

While the color and patterns of your new countertops will have a big impact on the overall appearance of the room, there’s another easily overlooked detail – the type of countertop edge profile – this will affect the efficiency and safety of your new kitchen to a great extent.

There are standard edge options to choose from —including bullnose and beveled edges in varying sizes, as well as simple eased corners. Additionally, STONE can finish our slabs with non-standard edges. These include cove, dupont, waterfall, ogee, and full bullnose. With all these types of countertop edge profiles, there’s a need to match the style and aesthetics of your space.  

Let’s take a look at peek over the edge and learn a little more about a few of these options. 

6 Types of Countertop Edge Profiles

Bullnose: Go with this option if you want your home to have a comforting, laid-back feel. The main feature with this style is it’s rounded edges – great if you have small children (or adults) running around who might hurt themselves on sharp, countertop corners! The softness of the style lends itself to a relaxing atmosphere.

Beveled: This edge style has been used in kitchen remodeling projects and new home builds for decades, owing to its timeless simplicity that can feel at home in both traditional and modern kitchen countertops styles. Beveled edges can be made from any countertop material, though quartz, marble, and granite are most common.

Cove: The Cove edge has a distinct, modern look with an elegant profile that is ideal for classical kitchens.  This edge treatment is easy to keep clean. They can be applied to the top horizontal edge or bottom horizontal edge. A roundover is commonly used for the vertical corners of a countertop with a Cove top or bottom horizontal edge. Considering that your stone countertops are already beautiful, choosing a Cove edge can further enhance that beauty. 

Dupont: The Cove Dupont edge has a crescent curve that leads into a 90-degree angle with a rounded bottom. It provides a classic, refined edge profile with a touch of a modern design. It is a stylish choice for any new countertop. If you are looking to highlight the stone of your countertop, a Cove Dupont edge is an excellent choice. 

Ogee: From the side, an ogee edge forms an ‘S’ shape. It’s a classic, decorative, elegant and ornate look that pairs well with traditional styles. The curve can be dramatic or subtle depending on your personal taste. The ogee edge is not recommended for small bathroom or kitchen spaces as it can make the countertop look heavy. The curves of the ogee edge can make it more difficult to keep clean.

Waterfall: A waterfall edge is a design aspect that makes a 90-degree angle at the end of the countertop. Rather than simply ending with a finished edge, the countertop heads toward the floor and continues down the side of the cabinet, island, or seating area. This option truly leaves a lasting impression, perfect for homes that are looking to make an impact!

Read all about a recent Waterfall install here: https://stone-br.com/stone-countertop-installation-baton-rouge/

Types of Countertop Edge Profiles

Obviously there are a variety of countertop edge profiles styles to pick from. Understanding your options is the first step to making the right choice to achieve your desired aesthetic. If you have any questions or thoughts on how STONE can help with your remodel or new build, please contact us here:  https://stone-br.com/contact/

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