Make A Statement With Stone Countertops in Baton Rouge

Make A Statement With Stone Countertops in Baton Rouge

Posted on: April 30th, 2019

Why Get Stone Countertops in Baton Rouge?

Are you looking to renovate your home completely? Or maybe you’re considering a less-intense update? In either case, stone countertops can be the answer to refresh and modernize your home! To begin with, countertops cover A LOT of surface area in your kitchens and bathrooms. Therefore your choice of material makes a HUGE impact on the look and feel of your home. Due to this importance, there are many things to consider. While choosing new stone countertops in Baton Rouge, you should think about:

  • Durability: How will you and your family use your countertops? Are y’all experimental chefs? Are you a splashy face washer? Do you value beauty as much as practicality? Maybe you’re even looking for a new surface for your outdoor kitchen! Whatever your priorities, consider your lifestyle to make the best choice for your home (and its inhabitants).
  • Beauty: Have you jumped into the Marie Kondo craze? Her book and Netflix show focus on “tidying up” your home to keep only the things that bring you joy. Similarly, we think the joyful concept can apply to your home décor too! New, beautiful stone countertops will bring joy every time you brush your teeth or make your morning coffee.
  • Entertaining: It’s no secret Baton Rouge is a social town. Football watch parties, holiday get-togethers, crawfish boils, barbecues, (basically anything involving food)—the list goes on! Having a beautiful surface for your party spread adds instant festiveness. Be prepared for the compliments to roll in and the gatherings to increase in frequency. Hopefully, you love hosting as much as we do!

Choose Your Stone At Stone and Cloth

Ready to choose your stone countertops, Baton Rouge? Stone and Cloth is your hometown designer, supplier, and installer! Here’s how the process works:

  • Your journey starts in the showroom at our Lobdell Avenue location. Meet with our design specialists to browse our materials and discuss your needs. You’ll be choosing between quartz, quartzite, granite, and marble. Each one has a variety of colors and style. Accordingly, we can match your aesthetics, your family’s lifestyle, and your budget.
  • Once you’ve selected your perfect material, you’ll visit our Airline location. It’s here you’ll pick the actual slabs that will grace your countertops. You might be surprised at how different two pieces of the same stone can look. Choose the patterns and texture that appeals most to you.
  • To ensure our customers have the best quality, we take great pride in our selection. Experienced team members personally select every slab we install, sourcing internationally as well as locally. Local partners include Tuscan Stone Imports, MDS Stone, Triton Stone, and Select Stone.
  • Afterward, our installation team skillfully goes to work. They’ll expertly fit and place your chosen slabs as your new countertops. All our services are in-house to guarantee quality every step of the way. For more than a decade, Baton Rouge homeowners have trusted Stone and Cloth. All along the way, you’ll have the expertise of our team for their advice and tips.  

Stop by either of our town locations. You can find us on Lobdell Avenue near Towne Center as well as on Airline Highway past the Jefferson Highway intersection. Ready to get started? Get in touch and schedule an appointment at either of our stores! Stone and Cloth can also help with your flooring, decor, and furniture. We’re looking forward to bringing you the countertops—and the entire home—of your dreams!

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