How To Tell A Story With Design and Wallpaper In Baton Rouge

How To Tell A Story With Design and Wallpaper In Baton Rouge

Posted on: April 8th, 2020

Bold interior design trends are back in style and you have the opportunity to make your home unique! STONE is your one-stop-shop for all your creative home project needs. We have a stunning selection of flooring and wallpaper in Baton Rouge. So why not make your home exactly how you have always dreamed?

Envision Your New Home

You may have the opportunity to finally redo your home, but you’re not quite sure how you want it to look. Your home’s overall design should be both timeless and interesting! When you use your home to tell your family’s story, you will create a captivating experience that will last through all the design trends. To make your home’s decor personal, start by asking yourself these three questions:

  1. Heritage: If family heritage is important for your family, you can incorporate relevant symbols and designs. For example, if you have a strong Cajun background, use fleurs de lis and unique Cajun language sayings in your decor.
  2. Culture: If you’re from Louisiana, this is an easy one! We’re a rich gumbo pot of culture, and there’s always something to show off here. But wherever you’re from, find a way to pay homage to your hometown.
  3. Travel: Do you have any interesting travel memorabilia you feel a personal connection to? If you’ve been collecting things when you travel, but haven’t been sure how to use them, now is your time to be creative! Knick-knacks such as postcards, antiques, country maps, and more make the most unique and interesting final touches.

Say It All With Wallpaper Walls

Once you have your vision, you have the basis for the rest of your design choices. Wallpapers are an exciting way to add tasteful personality! While your grandmother’s traditional wallpaper covered every wall in every room, that’s not how we use it today. We use wallpaper in Baton Rouge homes with purpose, decorating to create a statement on accent walls or even on ceilings!

With a unique placement in mind, you can choose the right patterns. Trends aren’t what’s important here because you’ve already decided that you’re decorating based on your story. If your favorite place to travel is Hawaii, tropical leaves and flowers fit right in with your tale. Be sure you choose your wallpaper to fit your vision rather than making your vision match a pretty pattern or color. You wouldn’t draw the cover of a book before you write the plot—so don’t do it to your home! 

The professionals at STONE have been working with fine-quality wallpaper for years. You can find a great variety to fit your needs. Once you’ve chosen and you are ready for installation, you can trust our team to handle that for you, too! 

We’re always sharing fun new wallpaper in Baton Rouge on our Instagram. Be sure to follow us on Instagram for our latest exciting projects and to see fun and interesting designs. 

Complete The Look

Of course, your walls can’t look amazing if they don’t have a solid foundation, right? With wood, tile, and carpet options, you can bet we have reliable and sturdy materials for your new floors. You can even bring your story to life with patterned tile flooring in foyers and kitchens. Our team at STONE will make sure that your sturdy new floors perfectly complement your creative new wallpaper!

Call STONE For Your Dream Home

At STONE, we’re passionate about your home projects. We can’t help but bubble with excitement over our floor designs and our growing wallpaper inventory in Baton Rouge! Talk to us about your upcoming projects and our team will respond with everything you need. Feel free to stop by our showrooms on Airline Highway and Lobdell Avenue to spark creative inspiration. We’d love to help you create the perfect home for you and your family. After all, you spend too much time and money on your home for it to be anything but amazing.

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