Do You Need A Countertop Replacement For Your Baton Rouge Home?

Do You Need A Countertop Replacement For Your Baton Rouge Home?

Posted on: October 18th, 2019

The truth is not all kitchen countertops last forever. Some show greater signs of use over time than others. Or your family may outgrow your kitchen’s design and it becomes impractical. And then sometimes the style is simply outdated. Fortunately, at Stone and Cloth we only carry the highest quality and most attractive countertops. Our talented designers have just what you need for your kitchen countertop replacement in Baton Rouge!  

Decide What Works For You

As you go through the day-to-day routine of cooking, cutting, spilling, and cleaning, you will notice that your countertops don’t look as great as they used to. Because a full countertop replacement is a large investment, we always encourage our customers to make the most informed and best choice for their lifestyle. Surface-level scratches or even moisture rings can be repaired with a simple sealant. You may try a number of different techniques to erase scratches or create an updated look with patched, painted, laminated, and tiled-over countertops. 

When scrubbing, polishing, and sealing isn’t enough, we’re here to help! If your countertops have structural damage, it’s the perfect opportunity to upgrade with a high-quality countertop replacement in Baton Rouge from Stone and Cloth. We have a variety of beautiful and durable stone countertops to replace the cracked, chipped, and stained countertops you’re tired of looking at.

Increase Your Home Value

Did you know that if you’re selling your home, kitchens are the No. 1 return on investment? Countertop replacements from Baton Rouge Stone and Cloth are an efficient way to update the kitchen without costing a fortune during your transition. Ultimately, it will impress potential home buyers AND increase the value of your home.

Improve Your Quality Of Life

If your kitchen hasn’t changed since you moved in over 10 years ago, countertop replacement is a great way to refresh your home. Although it may seem irrelevant, the way your kitchen looks and feels has a dramatic impact on you and your family. Seemingly simple colors and designs subtly affect our mood. When used to your advantage, the positive feelings end up improving your quality of life!

Provide For Family Change

In general, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. If your kitchen countertops aren’t providing the functionality your family needs, then it’s time to reevaluate your setup. Whether your family is growing or if you need to accommodate for special needs, your kitchen should be the correct size, shape, and sturdiness to match. This may require a basic expansion of your current countertops, or in more extreme cases, a total remodel. Just a quick call away, our expert team is available for an in-depth consultation.

Give Your Kitchen A Makeover

No matter your reason, Stone and Cloth is the right company for countertop replacement in Baton Rouge! Stop by one of our locations on Lobdell Avenue or Airline Highway to visit our showrooms. Ready to start exploring your options now? Take a look online. Let’s start the makeover today!

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