Wood Flooring in Baton Rouge

Wood Flooring in Baton Rouge

Posted on: December 19th, 2018

“Wood floors.” We bet these words are said the most often on home improvement shows. Realtors are quick to mention it in listings and homebuyers often search for it. When homeowners dream of remodeling, ripping up outdated linoleum is often a priority. Wood flooring in Baton Rouge is never a bad decision. It’s classic but still breathes new life into a room. It lends a natural feel but can look as modern as can be. Its durability and longevity are hard to beat, and the choices are seemingly endless!

Wood Flooring in Baton Rouge

Where you live has a surprisingly significant effect on the choices you make for your home. You need to consider the climate as well as your lifestyle. High amounts of air moisture affect materials differently. Your kids and pets—as well as your love of cooking—can factor in your flooring decisions. Additionally, your aesthetics and style are often influenced by where you live. Keep all these things in mind while shopping for new wood flooring in Baton Rouge.

Types of Wood Flooring

Wood flooring has been used in homes for centuries—it never goes out of style! Advances in technology and tastes mean there are more options than ever before. While exciting, so many choices can also be overwhelming. Start with exploring the different types of wood flooring you’ll encounter.

  • Solid Hardwood: Solid wood flooring is the same piece of wood the whole way through. Wood is cut and treated and made ready to install in your home. Solid hardwood floors must be nailed or stapled in place. If damaged or scratched, you can sand and refinish hardwood to keep it looking like new. It can last for decades—even lifetimes! Considering resale values, it’s an excellent home investment too.
  • Engineered Hardwood: Layers of wood are compressed together to form each plank. The top piece—the only visible one—is a thin slice of the desired hardwood. Underneath, high-quality plywood layers make up the rest of the plank’s thickness. Perks include affordability, easier installation, and durability in damp environments.
  • Laminate: Laminate wood flooring is composed of wood fibers pressed into a board topped with an image of wood. Easy installation, its price point, and water-resistance make it a popular choice.  

Styles of Wood Flooring

Classic oak, modern gray-washed, or a vintage reclaimed style. There’s a wood option to suit every room, palate, and design. Consider your furniture, rugs, and paint colors. If there’s a lot of cabinetry, think of that as well. If the room gets a lot of natural light, you can use a darker wood. But if the room is naturally dark already, you might want to consider a lighter wood to brighten it up.

Stone and Cloth … and Wood?

So we don’t have “wood” in our name, but we do have a large selection of wood flooring for our customers in Baton Rouge. We feature quality brands such as Portofino, Armstrong, BPI, Bruce, Mannington, and Prestige. And we install them too! Our owner is a former contractor. He knows how to get quality products in your home to your satisfaction. Our talented staff will walk you through the process to get you walking on the wood flooring of your dreams.

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