Waterworks Tile

Waterworks Tile

Waterworks Tile Collection Baton Rouge

Waterworks was founded as a plumbing supply company in Danbury, CT in 1925 by Samuel Grogins.  He employed the assistance of his progeny to build the company in 1978 and from that point forward, Waterworks has been at the forefront in quality materials and impeccable craftsmanship. Waterworks enlists their manufacturing from artisanal, family-operated workshops and factories in order to attain the highest level of goods on the market, ranging from faucets and fixtures to time and bathroom accessories.

Stone carries the Waterworks brand, as we identify with the brand’s quality and attention to detail.  Our vision to outfit structures in and around Baton Rouge with the finest materials and unsurpassed service is further enhanced as the exclusive carrier of the Waterworks line of products.

Stone’s mission to suit the needs of clients with attentive service and premium products is rounded out with the Waterworks collection. Stone’s indoor showroom, expansive luxury product lines, and customized service can make even the most difficult building and renovation projects comfortable and easy.

The Waterworks collections and website may be viewed by clicking here.