The Aesthetic, Artistic Powder Room

The Aesthetic, Artistic Powder Room

Posted on: May 26th, 2017

Cohesive interiors and design meshing from room to room are seen in both business and household renovations and new construction in the Capital region. The primary exception of late is the powder room.

With smaller size and less influence on the overall style of a home, the powder room has evolved into a miniature “designer’s choice” that differs from the rest of the home or office. STONE has been seeing more and more of this in the consultations with our clients, builders, and designers.

Fabulous Fixtures

Fixtures are a semi-permanent part of a home and can be swapped out for new ones with a little help from a professional. Lights, faucets, and hardware can make a room breath-taking and complete a look, but sizeable consideration is usually given to these higher priced components of a home.

Giving the powder room a completely different appeal can be accomplished through custom designed light fixtures or elaborate faucets and unique sinks. Popular metallics like gold, bronze, rose gold, and brass have taken the reins of popularity, along with custom accent pieces.

Walls Are for Art

A surge in popularity of wallpaper for powder rooms demonstrates that improvements have been made in the quality and look of wallpaper- pattern, texture, and finishes have been revolutionized in recent years. Painted stencils, stripes, and textures are more costly (in most cases) than wallpaper for wall treatments, but they produce a feel of opulence and luxury.

The use of stones, tiles, and slabs for powder room walls has opened up a Pandora’s box of opportunity, as the smaller spaces and more focused style can be outfitted with higher priced materials and not break a budget. A few looks that we love are hand-painted, marble, or mixed-material tiles as accents, entire walls with irregular shapes or patterns, and focal slab walls.

Floors Can Be Fun

Using a flooring material that isn’t seen anywhere else in the home adds to the small-scale differentiated beauty and design in each powder room. Often, an octagon and dot has been used, but we are seeing rich and diverse textures as well in marble, travertine, brick, and even wood.

No Fear of Color

Bold and bright or whimsical and trendy, swathing a large space in a color du jour may mean painting those walls again in the not-too-distant future. Choosing to decorate the powder room with a trendy color enables quick and easier changes if you don’t love it in a few years.  Even employing color on the ceiling is a provocative installation that is increasingly seen in powder rooms.

Powder Room Insights

STONE has worked on modern minimalist and opulent lux homes, and we have outfitted so many of these with statement powder rooms. We can present a limitless array of products, colors, and trends that would work in any home. If you have been looking to make a change in your powder room, STONE consultants would love to help. Use the link below or call us to schedule an appointment.

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