Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone Countertops

What is Soapstone? 

Soapstone is a naturally occurring material in U.S., Brazilian, Finland, and Indian quarries. Soapstone countertops typically derive from quarried stone. This material is a steatite stone consisting of dolomite, chlorite, magnesite, and, most often, talc.

Why use Soapstone?

Unlike sandstone, granite, and slate, soapstone is non-porous, making it less likely to stain from wine or oil spills. Therefore, it doesn’t need the sealing that sandstone, granite, and slate do.

Knowing how to maintain and clean the stone properly is essential regardless of the material of your countertops. Thankfully, soapstone countertops are considerably low-maintenance compared to other types of stone. Despite this, the material is more likely to obtain scratches and chips. With this material, it is crucial to avoid cutting directly on it and not dropping heavy glass objects or cast iron pans onto it.

As a type of stone that will darken over time, it is crucial to oil soapstone countertops routinely. Mineral oil and a hand towel are the best tools for this task. Oiling soapstone not only helps maintain its integrity but can also help remove scratches.

What are Soapstone’s features? 

Soapstone countertops are known for their milky appearance. This versatile stone comes in many colors, from white with marbling to almost solid gray. With a variety of styles of marbling, this material is excellent for traditional, modern, and eccentric kitchens alike.

As a sturdy type of stone, soapstone benefits those looking for a lasting countertop. Typically, it will act as a strong material for 20 years or longer. Longevity is not the only thing that makes soapstone desirable. Along with a resistance to cracks, this material is commendable for its heat resistance.

From soapstone to marble, STONE is proud to offer an array of countertop materials for businesses and homeowners throughout the Baton Rouge area. With our team by your side, you have peace of mind knowing you’re not only getting finely crafted products but also help from a high-quality team. For more information on our soapstone and other countertops, please browse our website and visit us at one of our showrooms today!

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