Mix It Up With Granite Countertops In Your Baton Rouge Home

Mix It Up With Granite Countertops In Your Baton Rouge Home

Posted on: December 13th, 2019

Is it time to make your kitchen truly unique? Interior designers from all over are exploring unique looks in modern kitchens by mixing two different countertops! With a wide variety of high-quality stones, Stone and Cloth is ready to help you create your dream kitchen with the best granite countertops for Baton Rouge homes.

First Things First

Each stone has its own strengths, and some are better suited for different lifestyles. Granite is a super popular choice, especially for the active home chef, because of its durability. This stone resists heat absorption, scratches, and chipping very well. Discuss all your countertop options with us to discover the stone that best fits your lifestyle.

The Right Way To Mix

You’ll need at least two separate countertops, preferably on an island, to mix stone patterns or colors correctly. If you only have a single run of countertop, consider other ways to mix and match design styles. For example, varying your cabinet colors and appealing backsplashes will add zest to any kitchen!

But no matter what, when pairing varying colors of granite together, follow one of the two following ideas: 

  1. Similar or complementary color scheme with different patterns.
  2. Alike patterns with different color schemes.

Another pro tip: Avoid using two stones that look very similar. Mismatched granite countertops may look like an accident rather than trendy and innovative.

A Stone Of Many Colors

Besides its durability, granite is also so incredibly versatile. You see, granite is a natural stone with a coarse grain. So when formed into slabs, it shows beautiful veins and grainy flecks. It’s mainly made of quartz and feldspars, but there are also often bits of amphibole minerals and mica. 

All these different elements morph together in beautiful fashions, producing a stunning variety of kitchen granite countertops for Baton Rouge homes! When choosing your mixed stones, there is an endless amount of colors and designs to choose from. These colors are a great starting point:

  • Black stones are great statement stones. They are best used as a sharp contrast piece.
  • White stones make timeless kitchens for anyone. With a wide variety of flecks and veins, white stones can be really exciting!
  • Brown stones often feature golds, as well. This is a fantastic choice for rustic, country-style kitchens.
  • Gray stones are elegant, neutral, and never out of style. They can adapt to any look.

Unique Kitchens Are Made At Stone And Cloth

We understand that choosing one stone is already a difficult decision, and choosing two mix-matching stones can be even trickier. But we don’t want this to stop you from creating your dream kitchen! Our team is here to help you decide on the best granite colors, designs, and combinations for your home. Contact us or visit either of our locations on Lobdell Avenue or Airline Highway for more info. We have tons of ideas to spark your creativity.

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