How to Decorate Your Home with Mosaics

How to Decorate Your Home with Mosaics

Posted on: December 2nd, 2020

Everyone has their own style for their home. A fantastic way to bring out your inner creativity in nearly every room of your home is a mosaic. While we don’t exactly have the great Roman masterpieces in mind, a mosaic in your home can add that touch of personality you’ve been looking for.

Where Would I Put a Mosaic?

Sure, a mosaic sounds like a fun idea, but where should you utilize mosaics in your home?

Of course, no two homes are alike. With your unique style and layout, a mosaic can go almost anywhere! But, let’s take a look at the most popular places people tend to choose. 


A gorgeous mosaic not only adds a pop of color, but it can also tie together an entire room. One of the most beautiful and practical ways you can use a mosaic in your home is inside a kitchen, working as a backsplash. And you won’t have to worry about damaging your beautiful piece of art with wayward specks of food and sauce. All you need to do is wipe down your mosaic every so often to keep it shining and clean. Easy upkeep is one of the major benefits of choosing to decorate your home with mosaics. 


The bathroom is possibly the most versatile place for putting in a mosaic. For example, you could choose to put a fun design around your mirror, sink, or even the floor. We’ve even seen a few people put beautiful mosaics on their bathroom countertop or shower. If your restroom needs an eye-catching design, our marble mosaics may be the missing piece!


If you love to host and take pride in the appearance of your backyard, why not choose a mosaic for your patio? Get rid of that unappealing, drab concrete and turn to something more colorful! A tile mosaic could make this outside space not only more comfortable but also a great conversation starter! 

How STONE Can Help You! 

At STONE, we provide the finest-looking high-quality products to our clients. And because we want your mosaics to look their very best, we have our design studio on the project for the best results. Our team offers client-driven services with competitive pricing to give you the greatest experience possible. Get in contact with us today and see how we can help you make your house look stunning with mosaics.

Make Your Home Beautiful With Mosaics From STONE

A home is for free expression and good impressions! Make your house a home with some real creativity thanks to your new mosaic. Give a call to our professionals at one of our locations on Lobdell or Airline to begin the process. We’re also more than happy to hear any questions you have online through our helpful form. Send yours in, and one of our staff members will be with you soon!

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