Benefits Of Marble Countertops In Baton Rouge

Benefits Of Marble Countertops In Baton Rouge

Posted on: July 29th, 2019

When choosing countertops in Baton Rouge, you might feel like it doesn’t matter as long as it looks good. After all, rocks are rocks, right? Wrong! Looking good is only one benefit when it comes to countertops. Each slab has a unique look and pros to look forward to, so it’s pretty important to do your research before buying. For example, marble is always a fan favorite. Beautiful yet affordable, everyone gets the best marble countertops in Baton Rouge with Stone and Cloth. What are you looking for in a countertop?

Age And Beauty

Marble is not a new material to the playing field. We’ve seen it used for millennia in art, culture, homes, and more. Due to this test of time, we know for a fact that marble remains as flawless and beautiful not only for your lifetime but your children’s! This distinct, beautiful slab will add a beautiful pop to any room. 

Marble countertops work great in any room, not just the kitchen. You never know, a marble bathroom counter may be just what you need to give an elegant finish to a typically unglamorous room. No matter if you choose a beautiful stark white marble or a gorgeous textured marble, your home will thank you!

Love To Bake?

If you’re trying to improve your baking skills, marble countertops will help with this feat!. Why? Because marble is a stone that has a high thermal mass, allowing it to retain temperatures more easily than other materials. Additionally, marble is often cold to begin with, staying lower than room temp. This is perfect for that pastry chef working with buttery pastries. Hot pastry dough makes for a bad biscuit. 

On the other hand, a marble surface is perfect for tempering chocolate, which can only be done at a certain temperature. Traditionally, this would be performed on a marble slab, but a countertop is an alternative for the common man or woman. For those who don’t know, tempering chocolate gives tasty treats a snap when broken or bitten into. Do you know those famous snapping Kit-Kat commercials? That’s some well-tempered chocolate. So if you like to create with your hands, marble is a perfect fit for you.

Get Your Marble Countertops In Baton Rouge From The Pros

There’s no doubt that marble can withstand the demands of time and look good doing it, but a good slab does more than that. Choose the perfect marble countertop in Baton Rouge with the professionals at Stone and Cloth! 

We have two locations in the Capital City, on Lobdell and Airline. If you have any questions for us, our contact page is easily accessible and our door open to everyone. Make sure to keep up with our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest so you never miss any updates. We can’t wait to see your new marble look!

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