Kaitlyn Thrower’s Guide On All Things STONE

Kaitlyn Thrower’s Guide On All Things STONE

Posted on: September 29th, 2022

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Kaitlyn Thrower has been with STONE for almost two years, during this time she has helped hundreds of customers accomplish their remodeling dream homes and help build them from the ground up. Since starting her career in the home improvement industry as a Sales Associate, she’s picked up some great knowledge and insights into the world of home remodeling. Her connections in the Baton Rouge community and her expert advice have helped her to empower people to transform their homes into more comfortable, more efficient, and more beautiful spaces.

Kaitlyn, who is very knowledgeable about all things STONE, was able to answer a few questions we had for her:

What is your current favorite tile and countertop at STONE?

That’s a tough one. I really love hexagons and we just got some really beautiful marble options last week.

What are customer’s first impressions of the new location?

They love it! A lot of people have said it feels like you aren’t in Baton Rouge when you’re in here and I agree! It’s a great place to spend my work day. 

What’s a benefit from shopping locally with STONE?

There are tons of reasons. We do it all – we aren’t just a countertop business. We sell tile, wood, laminate, vinyl, carpet and wallpaper too. We also demo and install everything which eliminates the need to hire multiple people for the job. We are a one stop shop. We always make customer service our top priority. You can call, text, email, message us on instagram, etc and we will get back to you ASAP. We want our customers to walk away happy and loving their updated space.  Plus being local means we can stop by our jobs to check the progress or answer any questions before, during and after your project. The list goes on…

What are some trends you see in Baton Rouge design?

We are seeing and installing a lot of beautiful Quartzites right now. As far as other design trends, everyone is going back to using wallpaper right now and I love it! It’s so fun and it can instantly spice up a room. We sell wallpaper and have a ton of books to look through at our Jefferson showroom.

What do most people want to change about their kitchens?

Definitely their countertops. Not everyone wants to do a full remodel with new cabinets and flooring, but we can easily switch out the countertops. 

What do most people want to change about their bathrooms?

I would say countertops and tub surrounds, but if they are wanting to do the bare minimum new countertops and paint can make a huge difference.

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What are some things to consider when selecting a tile for flooring?

The size of the area being tiled and natural stone vs. porcelain or ceramic.

What are some things to consider when selecting a countertop?

Location. Where is the stone going –  kitchen, bathrooms, outdoors, etc? That determines what stone you should or shouldn’t use. For example – you cannot put Quartz outside

What advice would you give to someone considering a remodel?

It can be overwhelming at first, but you don’t have to come in and choose everything the first time you walk in. Also, if you are replacing countertops and tile in a certain area I would always pick the countertops first. You don’t want to have to pick a stone based on your tile selection, especially if you have a countertop that you want to be the main focus of the room. 

There are a lot of things to consider when you’re looking to make changes to your home, but the most important thing is that it feels like you! That is why shopping at STONE is so great – you can get all the benefits of a local shop without sacrificing any service or quality.

The options are endless when you work with us. Contact us today and see what’s possible with STONE!

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