Buying Process for Contractors

Buying Process for Contractors

STONE works closely with contractors, subs, vendors, designers, and architects in the process of a build or renovation for a client. The ultimate goal is to provide a seamless process for sourcing materials and an unparalleled level of quality and service to both the contractor and their clients.

Step 1- Initial Contractor Consult

Once projects are established between the contractor and client, budgets, plans, materials and timelines are specified to STONE from the contractor.  Allowances are given for each project at this time.

Step 2 – Initial Client Consult

The contractor refers the client to STONE for a two hour consultation with a STONE consultant.  The full range and scope of the project(s) are covered in this meeting, covering the materials being sought from STONE.

STONE’s consultant balances the tasks of outfitting the client with their desired materials and staying in the set budget of the contractor.  The most optimal outcomes occur when the consultant has an understanding of the most important areas of the project for the client.

Step 3 – Preliminary Measure and Estimate

When the contactor is ready, STONE complete the preliminary measure for slab layout.  The client then proceeds to select their slab(s) from STONE’s slab warehouse (11840 Airline Hwy) or another stone yard.

“Bottom line overages” are the basis for STONE’s costing which means that if the client goes a little over budget on one material, less focal areas will be costed under budget.

At this point the client/contractor must sign off on the estimate and contract before STONE continues on to final prep and fabrication.

Step 4 – Final Measure Template

After cabinets are finished, STONE complete the final measure for countertops.  In order to produce the most precise templates, all sinks, faucets, stove top ovens, and grills must be provided to STONE.

STONE must have the contractor available to dictate the specs and placement of the components for the template. No changes can be made once the final template is created.

Step 5 – Fabrication

The slabs will be fabricated into the specified countertops at the STONE fabrication warehouse, located at 11840 Airline Hwy in Baton Rouge.

Step 6 – Installation

STONE will notify the contractor that the countertops are ready for installation and will schedule the delivery and installation date and time. Installations have a quick turnaround of between 1 and 3 days, depending on the project size.

Step 7 – Final Payment

After the installation has been approved and signed off on by the contractor/project manager, final invoicing is processed.  Final payment is due immediately upon completion of the job.